101 Reasons to Abstain From Alcohol During Pregnancy

Gives reasons why you shouldn't drink alcohol while you are pregnant.

15+ Make Time To Listen, Take Time To Talk a Conversation about Bullying Flashcards

These flashcards encourage parents and caregivers to spend at least 15 minutes a day listening and talking with their children to prevent youth violence. Provides interactive questions to start conversations with children about bullying and bullying prevention. Item details- 4.5" x 4" packet with ring clip

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2012 Resource Guide Preventing Child Maltreatment and Promoting Well-Being

The annual resource is a collaboration of Federal partners, national organizations, and parents developed for service providers and others who work to promote healthy families, the well-being of children and prevent child maltreatment.

A Child Becomes a Reader - Birth through Preschool

This booklet contains a short summary of what scientific research says about how children learn to read and write.

A Child Becomes a Reader - Kindergarten through Grade 3

This booklet contains a short summary of what scientific research says about how children learn to read and write.

A Clinicians Handbook - Talking With Your Older Patient

Studies find that effective physician-patient communication has specific benefits: patients are more likely to adhere to treatment and have better outcomes, they express greater satisfaction with their treatment, and they are less likely to bring malpractice suits.

A Family History of Alcoholism - Are You at Risk?

If you are among the millions of people in this country who have a parent, grandparent, or other close relative with alcoholism, you may have wondered what your family's history of alcoholism means for you. Are problems with alcohol a part of your future? Is your risk for becoming an alcoholic greater than for people who do not have a family history of alcoholism? If so, what can you do to lower your risk?

A Family History of Alcoholism - Are You at Risk? (Spanish)

Si se encuentra entre los millones de personas en este pa�s que tiene uno de sus padres, abuelos o alg�n otro miembro cercano de la familia que es alcoh�lico, se habr� preguntado qu� significado tiene este antecedente familiar en su vida. �Formar�n parte de su futuro los problemas con el alcohol?

A Guide For Enforcing Impaired Driving Laws

While much progress has been made, alcohol related traffic crashes are all too common among young people. Motor vehicle crashes are still a leading cause of deaths and injury in this age group. This guide provides information on enforcement strategies to reduce impaired driving among youth.

A Guide for Survivors

No one wants to imagine the prospect of their own death. But you have to plan for it. Especially when it comes to your family and how they will be impacted. Itメs better to formalize a plan now, so you and your family can make important life decisions together and avoid undue stress later.

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