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Without Warning (VHS)

The dangers of alcohol poisoning and binge drinking Three stories told by surviving family members reveal the devastating and lethal effects of alcohol overdosing in young people. Deaths from alcohol poisoning of youths under 21 are conservatively estimated at 4k annually. This video will inform students of the critical signs to look for in alcohol poisoning and help deliver the message that binge drinking can have fatal results.

Women and Alcohol: Through the Drinking Glass

High School, Adult, 30 Minutes, 1980 A sensitive and revealing look into the lives of four recovering alcoholic women, Women and Alcohol offers the first complete picture of the pressures and role expectations which contribute to a woman’s alcohol dependency and the exciting rewards in recovery. Video host Carol Burnett, not an alcoholic herself, but nonetheless a victim of the disease, shares her personal story. Multi-cultural, universal appeal.

Women in Recovery

What gets in the way of recovery? For Women, it's often unhealthy relationships, traumatic experiences, self- isolation, or even their attitudes about other women. In Women in Recovery, women talk about how they keep their recovery strong-and what they have learned about trust, faith, action and friendship along the way. Excellent discussion starter. 23 min

Working with Stress (DVD)

College, Adult, 17 Minutes, 2002 The nature of work is changing rapidly. Now more than ever, job stress poses a threat to the well-being of workers and educational material such as this program. NIOSH is committed to providing the public with the knowledge to overcome this threat.

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