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Synthetic marijuana leaves two dead and dozens with severe bleeding

Health officials in Illinois are warning people about mock marijuana that is spreading across Chicago and the central part of the state, causing severe bleeding among users and, in some cases, death.

Synthetic cannabinoids, also known as K2 or Spice, has been linked to 56 cases in which people in the state experienced severe bleeding after using the substance, officials with the Illinois Department of Public Health said in a statement. The users were hospitalized — and two of them died — after coughing up blood, finding blood in their urine or bleeding from their noses or gums, officials said.

The outbreak has left state health officials struggling to find the source and a way to put a stop to it.

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Addiction and Recovery Videos

Powerful Video - What is Addiction?

What is Addiction?


Long term chronic illnesses are insidious.  You can work for years managing an illness and think you’ve got it ‘licked. ’  “I’m in charge now” “I know how to keep it in control” So, I can have that piece of pie, not exercise today, or just have one glass of wine – and it will all be fine.  But that’s the problem.  You really never have it licked.  You are managing the ebbs and flows of a disease that has its own rhythms, ones that you can only attempt to understand from day to day.  It’s even harder to understand for everyone around you – who want to believe that you’ve got it ‘licked’ and that this time there will only be progress.  But chronic diseases are not like that. 


Addiction is a particularly harmful because of its specific effects on the brain.  The urge to eat when you are hungry – much less just wanting that last piece of pie – are not as strong as the cravings of addiction.  Your body is programed to eat when you are hungry and our survival instincts drive us to eat.  The cravings of addiction are 20 times stronger than any desire to eat.  Try going without food for one day.  Addiction treatment takes a long term management plan to address the disease.  Even then – there will be ebbs and flows. 


While addiction is not as openly discussed when people are lost – often to overdose, it is tragically becoming all too common and all too obvious that this discussion must take place.  Communities and families need information to be able to understand addiction and support those in recovery.

Mary Linden Salter


Public Service Announcement - Prevention Works

Drug Free Video 2017


We wanted to share this Public Service Announcement / Video from the Tipton County Anti-Drug Coalition funded by the TN Department of Mental Health.   To view the video see the link below.  We're really proud of the work they do and lives they impact through their prevention efforts.  We believe in prevention and we do everything we can to promote the efforts of prevention coalitions in Tennessee.