You Can Quit Smoking: A Consumer Guide

This booklet provides helpful information for people who want to quit smoking. The booklet explains the best ways to quit and how to quit for good. All the information in this booklet is based on scientific research about what will give the smoker the best chances of quitting.

You Didn't Get Pregnant. You Didn't Get AIDS. So Why Do You Feel So Bad?

1-sheet, double-sided, folded in half, full-color pamphlet for female and male teens that explores the possible emotional consequences of sex.

Your Big Ideas - Poster

Your Child Needs You!: A Guide to Help Your Child Lead a Healthy, Drug-Free Life (Spanish)

This brochure for parents and caregivers provides information on becoming familiar with illicit drugs available today, talking with kids about drugs and alcohol, identifying the signs of drug and alcohol use, and intervening now if a child is in trouble.

Your Child's Mental Health What Every Family Should Know

It is easy for parents to recognize when a child has a high fever. A child's mental health problem may be more difficult to identify. Mental Health problems can't always be seen. But the symptoms can be recognized. This brochure helps to let parents know what to look for.

Your Recovery Is Important: Virtual Recovery Resources


Your Teen's Latest High Might Hit Closer to Home Than You Think - Fact Sheet

A fact sheet that explains how common over-the-counter drugs can be abused.

Youth Engagement Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs User Guide

The youth perspective and voice is important, because the initiative of tobacco use most often occurs before age 18. In addition, the tobacco industry spends millions of dollars every day targeting youth to develop its next generation of smokers. The guide will provide tobacco control program managers with information on the best practices for engaging youth as a part of a comprehensive program. Youth involvement can lead to important policy and social norm changes, and advance the fight against pro-tobacco influences.

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